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Terminal 4 is a music and performance club established in the old cargo terminal of the Ottoman train station in Jaffa. The building was built in 1892 as part of the Jaffa railway station complex, in order to store goods that arrived mainly from Jaffa port and were sent to Jerusalem. The building is adorned with large wooden doors and along it the railroad tracks from which the goods were unloaded into the building. The Music Club Terminal 4 was built in the 4 building, which served as the cargo terminal while preserving the historical structure and its unique character.

Terminal 4 is the realization of a vision of two dreamers, Yuval Zuk, a high-tech person whose love for music led him to become the managing partner of the legendary Jazz Club Shablul Jazz at the Tel Aviv Port, and Lior Elazari, an economist and entrepreneur, which replaced the atmosphere of the air-conditioned offices for the benefit of live music and performances.